Why MB Sports?

In 1994, Aqua Sports Marine carried three lines, Centurion Wake Boats, American Skier Inboard Boats and Eliminator Speed Boats. At the Novi boat show that year, we first took notice of MB Boats. It was not uncommon to hear about the new Mastercrafts, Nautique Ski Boats, Supra Surf Boats or Malibu models at this and other shows but at this popular show we heard a lot of “have you seen the new MB Boats?”  We knew we needed to take a closer look at our up and coming competitor.  What we found was a sports boat like no other. The gel coat was flawless!  All of the graphics were in the gel coat with no stickers.  The interior was heavy grade and full of color and custom graphics; every seam was straight and true.  We had made the observations just from the outside of this beautiful sports boat. Once we got inside and started looking in most places a consumer does not, like under the dash, how the motor was mounted, under seats, and more, we were blown away at the attention to detail. Needless to say, we had to add MB Skiing and Wakeboarding Boats to our lineup. Unfortunately at the time, MB Boats was committed to another local dealer and was not available to us. 

We continued with the sale of our lineup of New and Used boats while keeping close tabs on the developments of the MB Brand, their Wakeboarding Boats and their availability in the Fenton, MI area. The American Skier line went out of business in 2001 and in 2003 the boat market called for change so we picked up Supreme and parted ways with Eliminator and Centurion.  Also in 2003, we received the news our team had been so eagerly waiting for.  A partnership with MB Boats was finally available to us!  I called Mike Brendel (MB) and started discussions about becoming a MB dealer. I flew to Atwater, CA to visit the factory and meet Mike and Caren (Mike's wife).  While there, I would say we kind of interviewed each other to make sure we would make a good team. We found we both had very similar ideas about boats, business and family.  

In November of 2003 Aqua Sports Marine received our first load of new MB Boats!  Over the years, our relationship has grown to be the strongest we have ever had with a manufacturer. When working with MB, we feel as if we are truly part of a team and not just a customer that’s required to purchase a certain amount of boats each year. This partnership allows us to pass that benefit on to our customers by way of cost savings and service.

Jeff Nichols
Aqua Sports Marine

MB History from brochure

The Brendel family has been building custom boats since 1950. Everyday their goal is to build the best boat possible. Their staff is on the water everyday pushing the limits and demanding more out of every boat they produce to ensure that MB leads the industry in quality, value and pride of ownership.

The first MB Sports boat, August of 1993. Built by Mike and Irv Brendel along with a few trusted partners. This boat was nicknamed "Kermit" because the gelcoat came out such a bright green. It was built at a friend’s farm near Merced and then Irv, Mike and Mike father-in-law; Delbert Briscoe towed it across the country for the WaterSki magazine test. 1993 saw the introduction of the signature series boats from MB.

1994. At this point in time MB was still a very small, very family-run business with Caren doing all the paperwork and answering the phones from a desk right on the factory floor, and Mike and his father Irv worked side by side, day and night with a few other artisans building boats by hand.

MB story via Aqua Sports Marine

Irv Brendel starting building flat bottom drag boats back in the late 1950’s. The drag boats were called Hondo & Brendella. These boats were world renowned for their quality, performance and setting world records. Mike Brendel started working with Irv and actually starting racing the boats.

After some time the hotboat market went flat and the ski boat market started picking up steam. Mike also an avid water-skier, approached Irv and said I think we can build a great ski boat with all of the knowledge we have in boat building. Irv responded that it was a great idea but that they would need investors to get things rolling. Mike took it upon himself to secure investors and started Ski Brendella. After many successful years, Ski Bredella was one of the top Ski Boat manufactures through the 80’s. It was at this time, The investors went to Mike and wanted to change some of the suppliers, building methods and production to increase profit. Mike was not on board with this at all! His response was that my family name is on the side of these boats! I do not want to go away from the low production, extreme high quality that I am known for. The relationship fell apart and Mike sold all of the molds and equipment to the investors but kept the right to use his name. As he left, he told them that he will prove that a low volume, high quality custom boat can be built and be a profitable. This is where MB Boats was started.

MB Mission Statement

By God’s grace, maintain a dynamic, growing business with a Christian impact by developing, marketing and manufacturing quality products, which perform as they should and enrich the lives of those who use them throughout the world.